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Recommended Shows Children's Theatre
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Pinocchio Sat 10/25/14 To Sun 11/09/14
Come enjoy the fun and the frolic and share Geppetto's delight as his little Pinocchio learns an important lesson. It's a lesson as plain as the nose on his face--no lie!
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit Fri 11/28/14 To Sun 12/21/14
Join the Velveteen Rabbit on his journey down the long, long road to becoming real.
Rumpelstiltskin Thu 01/22/15 To Sun 02/08/15
Wheels spin and straw flies as the miller's daughter works madly to discover the mean old dwarf's secret true name. Come along as she discovers the only power in the world that will help her. The most magical power of all: love.
Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat Thu 03/05/15 To Sun 03/29/15
Join the Cat in the Hat as he shows the kids a Thing or two about fun. So don't listen to the fish! Jump in! The water's fine! Just don't tell mom!
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Thu 04/23/15 To Sun 05/10/15
Rally to Robin Hood and his Merry Band as they outwit and outclass the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham.
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